Looking out to discover the undiscovered?

You’ll need to explore the backstreets of Victoria to find food worth hunting for, but once here you’ll be glad you did. Off the tourist track and with none of the traps, Maldonado Bistro is the sort of place only locals know about but with the food and ambiance to charm all. If you are dining in Gozo, Maldonado should be one of the restaurants to put on your bucket list.

Entrance of Maldonado Bistro on Mons. Vella Street
Entrance of Maldonado Bistro on Mons. Vella Street

Our menu is a satisfying mix of Mediterranean cuisine using genuine seasonal ingredients we source directly from local growers and suppliers. So go exploring and discover a spot to treasure. We promise that your visit to Maldonado will be a unique experience.

Reservations are recommended for dinner at the weekends to avoid disappointment. You can also book online.

One of the vaulted rooms inside Maldonado Bistro

Historical Note

The effigy of St. Ursula donated to the Gozo Cathedral by Governor Maldonado.
The effigy of St. Ursula donated to the Gozo Cathedral by Governor Maldonado.

Many people ask us why our we named our bistro Maldonado. We believed in creating a purpose for the name of our bistro by cherishing and celebrating Gozo’s heritage.

When the Aragonese handed Malta and Gozo over to the Knights of St. John in 1530, the Knights appointed a Governor to represent the order in Gozo. The role of the Governor was to provide for the social, economical, and infrastructural needs of the island.

One Governor who left his mark on Gozo was the Castilian Knight Fra Eugenio Ramirez Maldonado. Maldonado served as Governor from 1610 to 1612 and in his brief term succeeded in carrying out several generous projects and initiatives. One initiative he remains credited for till today is the island’s spiritual adoration towards Saint Ursola. Maldonado donated a gilded wood effigy of Saint Ursola to the church of the Castello, today known as the Gozo Cathedral. The effigy immediately became the centre of a popular cult and Saint Ursola came to be venerated as a protectress of Gozo. St. Ursola eventually became a patron saint of Gozo.