Do you like fresh pasta?

Fresh Tagliatelle

No pasta menu would be complete if there is not an element of ‘pasta fresca‘ – aka fresh pasta. While at Maldonado Bistro we include popular dry pasta like spaghetti and rigatoni, we still prepare our own fresh pasta on a weekly basis.
Tagliatelle is the common fresh pasta to be made. We are currently making a green version of the flat noodle with rucola and spinach. Pair the pasta with some smoked fish, garlic and white wine and you have a sure winner.

This week we will try to do some other variations. Maybe giant farfalle or papardelle? We will see. All depends on what inspires us at the market this week. We love it fresh. We love it local. We hope you love it that we too.

Fresh pasta sheets
Pasta is rolled out into flat pasta sheets
Fresh tagliatelle
Once the pasta sheets are the right thickness they are cut into noodles (tagliatelle)
Fresh Tagliatelle nests
Each set of noodles are cut the same size and rolled into an individual nest for cool storage