Food Advent Calendar – No.10: Peppercorns


We continue our food advent calendar with an underestimate Christmas pantry staple – peppercorns. Our tenth ingredient on our Christmas ingredient list can be purchased in different colours if not also mixed. It is such a common ingredient that it is without doubt the most widely traded spice around the world.

The most common of them all is the black peppercorn and there is no better way of enjoying this when freshly grinded. Generally paired with salt you for any kind of savoury dish, don’t be surprised that freshly ground pepper can also be used with sweet foods such as strawberries and pineapple. For example, try some freshly ground pepper on hot caramelized pineapple and you will get the message.

There is no doubt that peppercorns are a staple in cooking all year round but it is the red, green and white peppercorns that complement the festive décor and is possible why they are commonly used in spiced alcohol recipes, to decorate terrines and pâtés, and/or to top a nicely glazed roast.

Did you know?

Black, white, and green peppercorns are all the same seed of the same plant in various stages of development and processing.

Give this drink a try

Gin with tonic, sliced strawberries and 2 twists of ground black pepper

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