Food Advent Calendar – No.11: Coffee


We continue stocking up our Christmas pantry with another staple – coffee. Coffee goes through multiple stages before it reaches the cup. The coffee bean originated from Africa but has been exported to other fellow tropic regions in South America and Asia. More than 800 aroma compounds have been identified in the roasted bean.

Malta enjoys it’s own traditional blend mixing ground coffee with cloves and aniseed to give it a distinctive spicy flavour. It is quite a tricky blend because only the discerning few get the balance right without over-spicing the coffee. Let’s say that not all mortals enjoy Maltese blend, unfortunately.

Coffee can be the base of several classical recipes such as tiramisu for example. But coffee has also been used in rubs for meat and fish. There are also some lovely coffee liqueurs that go down well as an after dinner drink like a shot of Kahlua on the rocks.

Did you know?

In the 16th century Muslim rulers banned coffee due to its stimulating effects.

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Cooking with Coffee

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