Food Advent Calendar – No.14: Honey


We continue stocking up our Christmas pantry with a product we are proud of making locally – honey. Gozo used to be promoted as the island of love and honey. And thinking about it what would Christmas be like without it?

Honey is an obvious staple ingredient used in Christmas recipes. In Malta it is one of the main ingredients for our traditional honey rings. In December you can also find a variation of the honey which is lighter in colour because they make it without black treacle.

Three Seasons of Honey

Something most people wouldn’t know is that Maltese beekeepers produce three types of honey. Around May there is the first harvest for Spring made from multiflora. In July/August a second harvest happens pollinated from wild thyme. The third and last harvest is in November where bees take nectar from eucalyptus, carob and mustard plants.

Important to know

Bees in Decline – The Role of the Bee

This just might be a fantastic gift to make for Christmas

Saffron & Vanilla Infused Honey

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