Food Advent Calendar – No.15: Glacé fruit

Glacé fruit

We are going to stock up our Christmas pantry with another ingredient which is underestimated – glacé fruit. Also know as candied fruit, this is an ingredient which many don’t fancy on its own but is a common thread in fruit-based delicacies. For example, what would a Cassata Siciliana be without some sugary glacé fruit?

Although the date remains uncertain, it seems that ancient merchants were the first to make preserved fruit to obtain maximum profit of their stock. They grinded fruit and squeezed the juice from citrus fruit (oranges, limes and lemons), then boiled the mixture of pulp and juice and added sugar. After being boiled and sweetened, the fruit pectin was transformed into a viscose jelly-like paste that was spreadable.

A recipe to try this Christmas


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