Food Advent Calendar No.5 – Apple


We continue our food advent calendar with our fifth Christmas pantry staple. The humble apple. True to say that this fruit is an all year-round favourite as nothing can beat some wholesome apple pie or even an apple strudel. Pairing apples with sour fruits and spicing it up with cinnamon does wonders. Apple and cinnamon is most probably the ultimate pairing as it is a common thread in Christmas cooking across the world.

Even though the apple is referred to as the forbidden fruit, may God forbid that it is excluded from Christmas cooking. The apple is such a versatile ingredient that it can be paired and included in so many winter-time recipes. Just imagine some French chèvre with some spicy apply chutney. Or some chunky apple sauce with a pit roasted pig? Or seriously, what would mince pies be like without apples?

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