Food Advent Calendar – No.9: Dates


We continue our food advent calendar with the meaty date. An ingredient synonymous in Malta for our traditional ‘Mqarret’ (date tarts), dates are a common ingredient at winter time delicacies such as a warm fruit pudding. We actually do a mean sticky date pudding at Maldonado while also use dates in our Persian Chicken dish.

A staple food of the Middle East, dates have been around since prehistoric times. Surviving the test of time, there are numerous varieties of dates with the Medjool variety being the most popular. To be honest we are obsessed with Medjool dates. They are big and meaty, sweat yet earthy.

The harvest for dates is normally around Christmas. Most probably one possible reason why the fruit is associated with the festive season.


Easy recipe to consider trying

Caramel, Banana & Date Loaf


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