Welcome Chef Niccolò – Our Guest Chef For This Weekend

Chef Niccolò

We are really pleased to announce that this weekend we have as our special guest Chef Niccolò. He has just arrived in Gozo for a well deserved after-summer holiday but that has not held him back by joining forces with our kitchen to prepare an amazing menu for the weekend.

Chef Niccolò is from Italy’s Marche region but has worked in a number of places accross the Italian peninsula apart from other remote locations such as Dubai and Argentina. With his proposed menu he respected Gozo’s local produce while putting his own culinary touch which he has developed through his work from one kitchen to another.


Shrimp Tartare

With sea urchin mayonnaise & couscous

Lampuki Ravioli

Freshly prepared pasta pockets filled with lampuki fish sautéed with tomato, mint & smoked eggplant cream

Sautéed Lampuki with Wild Asparagus & Saffron


Tuna & Swordfish Cotoletta

Breaded fish fillets fried Mediterranean style with breadcurmbs, mint, basil, parsley, pine nuts & garlic

Prickly Pear Panna Cotta

Served with an aromatic double cream with branca menta and ground coffee