Pageant Of The Bizarre

A Photographic Exhibition and Party by Matt  Hush

Hush has photographed the ancient, quirky, entertaining, dark, spontaneous carnival in Nadur since 2002.  During this time we have seen the advent of the digital age, accessible high-end cameras and huge advancement in handheld recording devices such as the mobile phone and action cams making media recording of this unusual happening similar and ultimately, disposable.

In 2012, Hush decided to experiment with a style of work that focuses on the individual, not the collective.  The work is raw and exposing, whilst capturing the emotion of the feast, with a notion that the overall style of the finished product is at the heart of the theme in an effort to create a unique view of Carnival.

Similarly to general event photography the contemporary environment is awash with images of social activity – most of which can be lost as there is a lack of uniqueness in regards to photographic style, i.e. one photographers work is seemingly very similar to the next which is further embedded by the subjects (general public) increasing willingness to be photographed.  The public’s level of engagement with the photographer, in my view, has enabled and encouraged a code of subtle behaviors and in general, people will be, at times, unwittingly, highly organized in pre-determining and controlling their public image, a bit like a media savvy, quasi-celebrity.  For me as a photographer, this presents interesting challenges in seeking out the opportunity to capture genuine “of the moment” images, without being seduced by the wider landscape, that tells us a little more about the subject, beyond the “Hello” magazinesque, cardboard cut out public portrayals of “self”, whether it is a representation of “prim and proper” society or “look at me” hedonistic party goers.


Carnival is a masquerade and people assume persona that speaks volumes in regards to their layered masks of personality.  Hush wants to explore this more through photography.

Pageant of the Bizarre is a mini-exhibition of a larger body of work that is still in process and the exhibition at Maldonado will showcase a variety of images, alongside work from the forthcoming publication “Halo by Hush”

Like Carnival in Nadur the photography is spontaneous, imposing, in your face and revealing.

Join us for a night of photography, drinks, friends, joviality and music on Thursday 28th January 2016.

Carnival costumes optional – just kidding!

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Posted by Matt I Am Hush on Thursday, 19 February 2015