This Week We Celebrate Rossini

This week opera is back in Gozo with Rossini’s opera buffa ‘Il Barbiere di Sivigilia’. The two-act opera will be held at the Aurora Opera House this Saturday, 23 April 2016 as part of the Gaulitana Festival.

What many people might not know is that Gioachino Rossini, the composer of this well know opera amongst many many others, hails from the Italian seaside town of Pesaro. Coincidentally our welcoming front of house Emanuele as well as our chef Michela both hail from Pesaro. Therefore, they have decided to put some hints of Pesaro in the specials for this week.

Casa di Rossini

Even though Rossini studied and lived for a considerable time in Italy, he spent his later years living and composing in Paris. Apart from his love for music he was also considered as a true foodie. After retiring from composing he dedicated more time to his passion of cooking. There actually are quite a few recipes dedicated to Rossini which were either created specifically by him or for him.

Rossini the master chef
Considering he was the author of over 40 operas apart from a number of other classic pieces, Rossini made a good fortune that he bought himself a posh villa outside Paris to enjoy his fortune and retirement. He was renowned for his dinner parties as joyful nights of philosophising on music and food.

One thing is for sure that he did his best to marry the best Italian, French and Spanish cuisine. Ironically he did write a few musical hors d’oeuvres in his old age. Pieces about anchovies, cornichons, raisins and nuts.

Following are the special dishes we have prepared for this weekend.


Bombolini dell’Adriatico

Sea snails cooked with tomato sauce, wild fennel, garlic, chili & white wine

Trio of Rabbit Pâté

Pistachio – Hazelnut – Dark Chocolate
Asparagus & Bottarga Spaghetti

Asparagus & Bottarga Spaghetti

Sautéed with garlic, chilli, cherry tomato & parsley

Cannelloni di Pesaro

Fresh homemade pasta filled with spinach, ricotta, nutmeg and lemon zest, served with tomato ragù and béchamel

Pesaro Sea Pot

Mixed seafood pot with aromatised tomato sauce with garlic, wild fennel, lemon zest, chilly & white wine

Filetto alla Rossini

Pan-seared beef fillet served with foie gras, white truffle, spinach and mashed potatoes

Local Lemon Tart

served with a vanilla cream and strawberries

Tiramisu Rossini

Three-way tiramisu – dark, milk & white chocolate

Grand Marnier Parfait

Served in an almond tuile basket with fresh strawberries