We have been inspired by the moon

Summertime in Gozo is a fantastic time to chill out and relax. On a clear summer night you can enjoy the moon and stars. Going to a place like Dwejra or Ramla at night is marvelous. Especially if the moon is shining bright in the middle of the night.

Therefore the bright summer moon has inspired us to prepare moon-shaped fresh pasta this weekend. In Italian they are called ‘mezzalune’ which in English litterly means half-moon. We filled them pears and gorgonzola and will serve them with a creamy radicchio sauce. All fresh ingredients hailing from our wonderful Mediterranean.

Here is a snapshot of the other specials we have prepared specifically for this weekend.


Fresh Sardina Salad
With orange, black olive and spring onion

Figs and Parma Ham
With fresh local Gozo cheese


Home-made Tagliatelle
Fresh Pasta served with Fresh Salmone, Asparagus and cream
Vongole, chick peas cream , bacon and rosemary

Home-made Mezzelune
Filled with Local Pears and Gorgonzola cheese. Served with a Radicchio cream


Baked King Prawn alla Catalana
Served with red pepper, celery, spring onion,fresh tomato,fresh fennel

Local Rabbit alla Cacciatora
served with tomato sauce, black olive, onion and rosmary