Wiċċ ta’ Ħawħa

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we look back to enjoy a few food items or ingredients as we find them used in the Maltese vernacular. Maldonado Bistro has always persisted in trying to be creative and forward looking. But for the time being, we hope you enjoy reading, as much as we enjoyed researching how the Maltese used their favourite gourmet items not only in the kitchen but also to express themselves in the most of articulate manners in their daily lives. Sliem! (Be blessed, in Maltese)



Maltese for Peach, the fruit is grown for personal use by a number of farmers on the island. Peach trees can be spotted in the shaded and well-irrigated valleys situated in Nadur and Xagħra. A favourite summer fruit, which starts to harvest after Easter while peaking in July. You can find two varieties of peaches; the acid tang yellow variety and the sweet and creamy white variety.

In Maltese the term can have other connotations such as in the expression ‘Wiċċ ta’ ħawħa’ (Quite literally: A face of a peach). The expression is used to indicate a person’s round rosy cheeks as a compliment of good health or complimenting the beauty of a newborn baby.

At Maldonado Bistro we love to use peaches on our menu especially when they are ripe and luscious at the peak of summer. For example we get great feedback on our pork belly which is served with a peach salsa complimented with hummus and a harissa broth. Or else some caramelised peaches do wonders with our mini pavlova and a rich vanilla custard.