Wine Tasting on Friday 28th December

Wine Tasting at Maldonado

We are organising one last wine tasting session as 2018 comes to the close. The wine tasting will be held in our open kitchen upstairs on Friday, 28th December 2018 at 8pm.

During our wine tasting sessions, guests get the opportunity to try a selection of 8 different wines from Malta and Gozo. It is a great opportunity to try several different local wines in one night. It will certainly make it easier for you to pick your preferred local wine the next time you are handed a wine list.

wine tasting at Maldonado Bistro

Here are the wines we have specifically selected for our last event for 2018:


MALTA I.G.T. Marsovin – La Torre (Girgentina)
Made purley with Malta’s indigenous
‘Girgentina’ grape.

GOZO Tal-Massar (Vermentino)
Single estate wine by family owned winery in Gozo.

GOZO D.O.K. Marsovin – Antonin Blanc (Chardonnay)
Harvested in the Ramla Valley to produce a fine oak-aged chardonnay.


GOZO D.O.K. Delicata – Victoria Heights (Shiraz Rose)
Grapes harvested in the Victoria-Marsalforn valley.


MALTA D.O.K. Marsovin – 1919 (Gellewza)
Solely made with indigenous ‘Gellewza’ grape and sundried before production.

GOZO D.O.K. Marsovin – Ulysses (Shiraz)
Harvested in the Ramla valley to produce this top seller wine.

MALTA D.O.K. San Niklaw – Despatch (Sangiovese)
Produced by a boutique winery in Zejtun. which caught the eye of international magazine ‘Wine Spectator’.


GOZO Galley’s Liqueur Wine (Maltese Port)
Harvested and produced in Gozo.

Wine Tasting at Maldonado

The price of attending the wine tasting session is Eur45 per person which includes tasting of 8 different wines, flowing water, nibbles, pasta and a dessert.

If you need any further information all you need to do is call us directly on +35699019270 or drop in an e-mail at