You are invited

6thAnniversary_PosterWe are gearing up to celebrate our 6th anniversary. Party is all set for Thursday 9th October. Everybody is invited. The party starts from 8PM onwards.

Beer lovers will have a treat as we have the pleasure of introducing Lord Chambray beer to our bistro. Fee beer on the draft will be available for all to try the delicious and creamy artisinal beer crafted from Gozo’s very own brewery.

Keith Anthony will be honouring us with his presence as he will perform a live acoustic session of the best pop and alternative tunes. As we pick up through the evening, the Wobis Duo will be performing an after-hours mix of the best commercial music.

Yes indeed… we have the ingredients for a great party. Ofcouse the party would not be the same without your presence. Therefore make sure you leave Thursday evening free and drop in at Maldonado for a casual and social night of good beer, food, and music.