You can also enjoy the outdoors at Maldonado

We certainly do have to admit that Maldonado is not based neared the seaside. But we are conveniently situated in Victoria for those who want to visit Gozo’s capital in the evening.

Many customers are surprised when they discover that we have an internal courtyard which is not easily visible from our entrance on the outside. We cherish that little piece of open space that we have at the centre of our bistro. Our customers love this open space too because it is a cosy area to enjoy a quick fag, have an informal chat with friends, and stretch out a bit after a feasting dinner.

We have promised many times that visiting Maldonado is an experience in itself. Customers have confirmed time and again that you cannot fully appreciate what we have to offer if you do not enter to enjoy our unique architecture and try our Mediterranean kitchen.

We like to keep this sense of discovery because we know our customers love it. Who doesn’t love finding a treasure?

Next time you are in Victoria give Maldonado Bistro a try. Come and make your discovery. An experience which we hope will be one of your highlights of your visit to Gozo.