Gastronomic Experiences

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have put a pause on our gastronomic experiences. We plan to restart our wine tastings and cooking classes later into the year. Hopefully by the end of August, latest September.

For those seeking out a more personal and behind the scenes experience at Maldonado Bistro, we recommend Gastro Gozo, which aims to offer unique and genuine gastronomic events for fellow epicureans.

There is a choice of two experiences, which are held in a dedicated open-kitchen space situated above the bistro. While enjoying all the amenities of a bustling bistro, guests are ushered to an air-conditioned private space above to mingle, socialise, and immerse themselves into local food culture.

Wine Tasting & Dinner

Wine tasting in Gozo

Our wine tasting experience is a perfect opportunity to try as many Maltese and Gozitan wines in one night. Accompanied by a degustation dinner prepared in person by one of our chefs, this experience gives guests an all-inclusive night to wine and dine in style. A fun yet informative evening for those who love food and wine.

Cooking Classes

Cooking class in Gozo

Our cooking class experience is a great opportunity to discover some local recipes while practice your own cooking skills. This is a hands-on experience where you get to work while discovering more about Maltese cooking. Cooking classes also include a quick visit to the local market.

One of our wine tasting nights
Gozo Cooking Class Group Photo
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