Gastronomic Experiences

A Private Dining Room
In The Heart Of Victoria, Gozo

Where Maltese gastronomy defines a way of life.
Where culinary tradition is met
with a contemporary twist.
Where passion for authentic cooking is proven.
Where happiness is created
by a feast of delicious Maltese food.

Maldonado Bistro was born out of a passion for cooking and sharing Maltese food. Discover more behind the scenes, upstairs within the walls of our private and personal open kitchen.

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Wine tasting in Gozo

Wine Tasting & Dinner

Foodies prepare to be led on a sensory, mind-expanding journey at Maldonado Bistro where exceptional food is consistently and locally recognised. Fellow epicureans connect in the heart of this private, personal open kitchen to discover food stories, learn about local producers, enjoy expert tasting notes, sample hand-picked products from skilled makers and become an instant connoisseur of Maltese cuisine.

Cooking class in Gozo

Cooking Classes

Embark on a path to cooking glory as you immerse yourself in a 4-hour masterclass lead by the head chefs at Maldonado Bistro. Step inside our laboratory of ideas, discover local recipes, learn essential preparation and cookery skills, and develop your palette whilst working in a professional kitchen in the heart of Victoria, Gozo.


Degustation Dinner

Sail through a stunning selection of Maldonado Bistro’s most popular, iconic and innovative dishes with a tantalising eight-course Degustation Dinner prepared by the skilled hands at this quintessential Gozitan kitchen.

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