It’s time for a hot toddy

In this cold January weather a nice hot drink is certainly welcoming. Considering Malta’s colonial past, the hot toddy is one local favourite which we inherited from our former British rulers.

A basic hot toddy would be a shot of whiskey topped up with hot water as if you were making a tea. Some like a teaspoon of sugar or maybe a dash of honey. A slice of lemon is also a nice addition to make this hot alcoholic drink nice and soothing to warm your throat and comfort oneself from the cold Maltese winter.

The Scottish firmly believe that a hot toddy is a treatment for sore throat and congestion. Maybe a good excuse to get a nice shot of their favourite whiskey.

You will find plenty of hot toddy versions steering away from classic whiskey. Some like a shot of brandy or a good dark rum for example.

Did you know there is even a National Hot Toddy Day? Yes, it is celebrate every year on the 11th of January.

Some hot toddy suggestions to consider:

1. Hot Scotch Toddy

Scotch whiskey, hot water, sugar and lemon.

2. Hot Apple Toddy

Mix the alcohol of your choice with some apple cider. Whiskey remains the common favourite.

3. Hot Rum Toddy

Dark rum, maple syrup, cinnamon stick, slice of lemon and hot water.

4. Hot Brandy Toddy

Your favourite brandy, honey, slice of lemon and boiling water.