From farm to table

Gozitan Beef Tenderloin with caramelised figs

It has been a year now since we started to source the beef on our menu locally from Gozo. It is customer here in Malta and Gozo to feature imported beef on menus. Be it from Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, or South America, diners have this impression that local beef is of inferior quality.
We successfully changed that since we started to change the methods of our sourcing. We are one of the few restaurants in Gozo who source from farm to table. Cows are reared in a farm in Munxar, the slaughter house is in Xewkija, and our butcher in Victoria dry-ages the parts we select from the carcass on our behalf.

Feedback has been very positive as diners are surprised with the quality of local Gozitan beef. We do a few different dishes with the beef we source as we change around our menu from week to week. For sure the main product – Gozo beef – is consistent, delicious, and sustainable.

This is one of the little efforts we carry out to promote local provenance while maintaining high standards for visitors who want to dine out in Gozo.